Hillary Clinton Addresses Planned Parenthood While Donald Trump Talks to Wary Evangelical Voters

What an... exciting day it’s turning out to be: while Hillary Clinton addressed the Planned Parenthood Action Fund Friday, seagull dipped in tikka masala Donald Trump headed to the Faith and Freedom Conference, where he was briefly interrupted by protesters from the women’s rights group Code Pink.

Carly Fiorina Swears to God, If You Keep Her Off That Fucking Debate Stage Again, So Help Her

After Tuesday night in New Hampshire, neither Carly Fiorina nor Ben Carson should be running for president anymore. Yet both of them still are, for some reason, and Fiorina is emphasizing how supremely pissed she’ll be if she’s not part of the next GOP debate. Let’s all sit back and wait for Carly to get supremely…

'She’s Never Made Me Cringe': Stalking Carly Fiorina in New Hampshire

On Friday morning, former New Hampshire state representative Marilinda Garcia introduced Carly Fiorina in the basement of Manchester’s Millyard Museum at an event called “Coffee With Carly.” Around 8:45 a.m., the guest of honor slid out awkwardly from behind a large “Take Our Country Back” sign to a few polite whoops.


Here's Glamour Gently Fact-Checking a Ridiculous Interview With Carly Fiorina 

Carly Fiorina’s week is, thus far, not so hot: she’s polling between 1 and 3 percent, and both she and Rand Paul learned yesterday they’re being booted down to the kid’s table “undercard” debate. We’ll miss Carly whenever she departs, but happily, we’ll always have this very fun interview in Glamour to remember her…