Former Republican Advisor Admits Sarah Palin Ruined Everything

A former John McCain advisor and Sarah Palin wrangler has admitted that thanks to the former Alaskan governor's disastrous turn as major party running mate, the chance that another woman will be nominated for Vice President is slim. Actually, scratch that: there's an Alaskan snowball's chance in hell that this year's… » 3/29/12 1:30pm 3/29/12 1:30pm

Rich, White Republican Women Are Resembling Rich, White Republican Men

Meg Whitman just brought her contribution to her own campaign to $104 million. Linda McMahon spent $25 million in the Connecticut primary, promising to spend up to $50 million. It makes Carly Fiorina look like a cheapskate. Is this equality? » 8/16/10 9:58am 8/16/10 9:58am

The 10 Lowest Moments For Women In Politics This Year (So Far)

Yesterday, we learned that voters were polled on whether Barbara Boxer or Carly Fiorina has better hair. Even without the 2008 election's bombast (Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin), the past year has been rather rocky for women in politics. Some lowlights: » 7/29/10 1:54pm 7/29/10 1:54pm

Californians Take A Stand In Favor Of Barbara Boxer's Hair

BREAKING: Thanks to Public Policy Polling, we now know Californians prefer Barbara Boxer's hair to opponent Carly Fiorina's by a narrow margin. Additionally, despite Fiorina's claim that Boxer's hair is "so yesterday," young people actually widely preferred Boxer's hair. » 7/28/10 11:42am 7/28/10 11:42am

Carly Fiorina Is Sorry That You Overheard Her Comments About Barbara…

California Senate candidate Carly Fiorina has produced a solid non-apology for her remarks about Sen. Barbara Boxer's hair, noting that she was simply quoting something "a friend" had said, and stating "I regret the whole situation." [Politico] » 6/13/10 11:50am 6/13/10 11:50am