Yay: No Half-Naked Women in the Carl's Jr. Ice Cream Sandwich Ad

On Friday we found out that Carl's Jr. had invented the Pop Tart ice cream sandwich, which is one creamy scoop of vanilla nestled between two strawberry toaster treats. YUM. Now comes the commercial, which treats the dessert like the epic creation it is. And look! It wasn't necessary to involve any scantily-clad… »7/29/13 6:15pm7/29/13 6:15pm

Oh, God: Carl's, Jr. Has Created a Pop Tart Ice Cream Sandwich

Ok, everyone, I get it. The Cronut has goaded our hubris, and now our sudden compulsion to create decadent food-mutants has gotten the best of us. Is this the new phase of enlightened human consciousness, or will it end terribly (with a rioting hoard of angry villagers chasing a croissantwich into a windmill and… »7/26/13 4:20pm7/26/13 4:20pm

Carl's Jr. Is Now Putting on Pornographic Radio Plays

Sweet heavens no! The poor people of New Zealand have been denied a Carl's Jr. commercial featuring two 19-year-old girls in jorts "sexily" fighting over a sandwich thanks to the country's ban on using "sex appeal in an exploitative and degrading manner and the use of sex to sell an unrelated product." But how will… »4/10/13 2:05pm4/10/13 2:05pm

Put It in My Mouth: A History of Disgusting Carl's Jr. Ads

Eaten at Carl's Jr. lately? I would guess not — I don't know about you, but haven't ordered from a Carl's Jr./Hardee's since the late nineties when I realized that I could save cash and create the same flavors by pouring a bottle of barbecue sauce over a bunch of used bandaids. Not that our consumership matters to… »3/13/13 4:55pm3/13/13 4:55pm

Former PETA Model Olivia Munn Shoots Burger Commercial

Following in the footsteps of Paris Hilton and Audrina Patridge, Olivia Munn is the latest celeb to wear a swimsuit and hold a double cheeseburger for Carl's Jr. Because, you know, nothing helps you get a slamming bikini bod like juicy red meat and processed dairy. BTW, this choice is Interesting since she has also… »4/29/11 10:09am4/29/11 10:09am