Being First Lady of France Ruined Carla Bruni's Modeling Career

The fabulous French couple that is former president Nicolas Sarkozy and his model-singer wife Carla Bruni Sarkozy were hacked, sort of. Private recordings of the pair talking about how Bruni’s modeling career was ruined after marrying her husband were leaked to the French press, but they both come off pretty good. »3/06/14 7:00pm3/06/14 7:00pm


Crackpot Religion May Have Had Something To Do With Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes' Split

In the case of Tom vs. Kat, who will gain custody of Suri Cruise and her closet full of teeny designer flats remains to be seen. However, might be important to note that the kid is 6 years old, the same age as son Connor was when Cruise split with Nicole Kidman, and both Kidman and Holmes are Catholic, suggesting that… »6/30/12 12:00pm6/30/12 12:00pm

Carla Bruni Didn't Immediately Lose All Her Baby Weight, So People Think She Must Be Pregnant Again

Today in unsolicited uterus updates: Carla Bruni went out in public wearing sweat pants, and now there's gossip that she's pregnant. Bruni, who tends to favor luxury labels like Christian Dior, has been dressing more casually lately — maybe because she and Nicolas Sarkozy have an eight-month-old in the house? But… »6/29/12 12:30pm6/29/12 12:30pm

Katy Perry Learned About Birth Control At Planned Parenthood

Katy Perry is on the cover of Vanity Fair, and inside, she kind of explains the obsession with candy and fruit: She had no childhood. She tells Vanity Fair: "I didn't have a childhood." The only book she was allowed to read was the bible; she couldn't say words like "deviled eggs" "or "Dirt Devil." In addition, Perry… »5/04/11 9:00am5/04/11 9:00am