How Many "Green-Collar Jobs" Does Hillary Have To Create To Cancel Out A Trip On "Air Fuck One"?

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton promised America financial salvation via thousands of new "green-collar jobs" that would banish poverty while saving the giraffes and puppies and rain forest cafes and also, be created in 90 minutes or less upon her inauguration. Today, we learn that Bill Clinton may make $20 million upon… » 1/22/08 10:00am 1/22/08 10:00am

Carl Bernstein Took Almost As Long To Write Hillary Clinton Bio As We'll Take To Read It

There's a great piece about Carl Bernstein — author of the sort of enormous Hillary Clinton biography we've sort of started reading — in today's Washington Post. We care about Bernstein not because of the role he played in bringing down Richard Nixon but because he was portrayed by Dustin Hoffman back when Hoffman was… » 6/20/07 10:49am 6/20/07 10:49am

Hillary Clinton Was Totally Avril Lavigne In High School

We just went to the bathroom, where we've been keeping the new book on Hillary Clinton (not to be confused with the other new Hillary book, which we hear up-plays public service and Senatorial career and Iraq to the detriment of the whole "Clinton, William Jefferson, Voracious Cock Of" topic). And after coming across… » 6/11/07 12:31pm 6/11/07 12:31pm

Brangelina And Billary Go Head-To-Head At The Newsstand

Today is Wednesday, which means we actually left our homes thinking that the celebrity tabloids would be there and we'd have to post about Lindsay Lohan yet again. Curiously, however, that did not happen. In fact, something about a national holiday and Bonnie Fuller being Canadian resulted in a newsstand devoid of new… » 5/30/07 2:02pm 5/30/07 2:02pm