These Australian Tampon Commercials Are Batshit and Delightful

Feminine hygiene brand Carefree is taking a new approach to marketing towards the Australian consumer. New ads by DDB Sydney feature hosts by the name of Fanny Glitterwinkle, Harmony Freebush and Stefan Van Der Blöed. The commercials are funny, weird and — surprisingly — actually use the word "vagina." » 8/25/14 12:35pm 8/25/14 12:35pm

Public Scandalized by Ad Claiming Women Have Vaginas and Experience Discharge

Can you remember the last time you heard someone talk about vaginal discharge on the television, or even just in public? Probably not, because we're conditioned to think of discharge as "icky." Vaginal discharge beats out even incontinence for the title of "She Who Must Not Be Named" in the feminine hygiene… » 7/16/12 11:10am 7/16/12 11:10am