Car Thief Leads Cops Through Chase, Then Dances to Future’s 'Where Ya At'

Sometimes when a song is so good, you can’t help yourself from showing off some moves, even if you’re running from the cops. On Wednesday night, a woman stole a car and was chased by police through downtown Los Angeles. The suspect was weaving in and out of traffic and running through red lights. Her joy ride finally… » 8/27/15 11:45pm Thursday 11:45pm

Elderly Woman Leads Cops On A Very Slow Car Chase

Earlier this week, a 76-year-old British woman led police on the opposite of wild car chase. In a scene that must have looked like it was playing out in slow motion, Caroline Turner, steered herself into trouble when she began driving down the wrong side of the road-into oncoming traffic! Danger! Police followed her,… » 10/06/11 11:45pm 10/06/11 11:45pm