'If I Could Just Get Some Giraffe Meat': Hannibal's Food Stylist Speaks

Hannibal was recently cancelled by NBC, putting an ailing show out of its misery, as well as those of us who knew it started flailing after its first season yet were forced to read endless television critics blathering on about its supposed brilliance. (Seriously, guys; all the dark lighting and creepy sound effects… »6/23/15 7:10pm6/23/15 7:10pm

Cannibal Housewife Book Touted as the Next Fifty Shades Mega Hit

As the year draws to a close, it's likely that you've been asking yourself one question and one question only: what is 2014's answer to Fifty Shades of Grey? What taboo will some enterprising publisher mine in order to instill a small tremor of excitement in us as a populace? Um, well, according to speculation,… »12/17/13 1:10pm12/17/13 1:10pm

NYC Cop Allegedly Plotted to Cook and Eat Women. Really.

I never thought I'd long for the days where the most despicable thing a New York Police Department officer was accused of was raping women, but here we are: a cop was arrested yesterday in Queens by the FBI "on suspicion of a federal kidnapping conspiracy in which he discussed cooking and eating female body parts,… »10/25/12 2:20pm10/25/12 2:20pm

Longtime Church Puppeteer Arrested For Harboring Fantasies of Pedophilia, Cannibalism and Murder

An international child porn crackdown that's led to 40 arrests in six countries has uncovered a particularly gruesome stateside correspondence out of Florida, our nation's unofficial Sensational Headline Generator™. A 57-year-old man named Ronald William Brown, who has worked as a Christian-interest puppeteer and… »7/28/12 3:00pm7/28/12 3:00pm

Chinese Woman Falls Victim to Terrible Face-Eating Trend

Listen, this face-eating business is getting out of control—and we can't even blame it on bath salts anymore. . Now it's spread to China; is there some kind of virus traveling through the air, Contagion-style? This latest incident occurred in Wenzhou, when a very drunk man randomly attacked a woman who was driving by… »7/02/12 9:30am7/02/12 9:30am