Here's What CNN Should've Said About the Steubenville Rape Case

CNN's unconscionable coverage of the Steubenville Rape Case verdict is pissing everyone off. Newscaster Candy Crowley, general correspondent Poppy Harlow, and legal expert Paul Callan all did their very best to focus solely on the guilty verdict's repercussions on the two rapists. There's next to no coverage of the… »3/18/13 9:30am3/18/13 9:30am

Conservatives Have Category 5 Freak Out Over Debate, Call Candy Crowley a 'Journalistic Terrorist'

Nearly every audience reaction poll that didn't oversample enraged, pugnacious Romneys has declared Barack Obama the winner of Tuesday's debate. And so, naturally, pundits affiliated with the GOP — that party of restraint and prudence — have responded by freaking the fuck out and comparing Candy Crowley's performance… »10/18/12 10:50am10/18/12 10:50am

Both Campaigns Want Tonight's Female Presidential Debate Moderator to Shut the Hell Up

DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz reassured the public on Monday that she was pretty sure that during the Presidential debate on Tuesday, the candidates wouldn't forget to talk about women like they did last time. I mean, it's a town hall debate format, so audience members get to ask the questions. Surely one… »10/16/12 11:40am10/16/12 11:40am

John Boehner Hints That Obama Is a Loser, Then Says He's Just Trying to Help the President Out

John Boehner went on State of the Union today and proved in his interview with Candy Crowley that he's fast becoming Public Frenemy Number One. He both insulted President Obama and tried to claim he's just giving his pal some constructive criticism. The most subtle jab he delivered came during a discussion of Mitt… »4/29/12 8:00pm4/29/12 8:00pm