Other Fun Uses For Candy Corn You May Not Have Thought Of Before

If you're anything like me, October is more than the start of fall, more than costumes, and more than Halloween: it's the month where one can buy miniature-sized (I'm sorry, "fun sized") candy of all of virtually any brand you desire. Even more exciting than that is the return of candy corn, a treat that appears only… » 10/13/11 7:10pm 10/13/11 7:10pm

Stick A Fork In It

It's National Candy Corn Day, the worst (in my estimation) of the Halloween treats. Faves: Sugar Daddies, Dum-Dums, Pixie Stix. Last costume worn: George Bush. (Fake pubes were involved.) Spill your fave sweets, costumes? See you Monday. [The Nibble] » 10/30/09 7:45pm 10/30/09 7:45pm