Women In Sports: Sex Objects, Mothers, Or Too "Manly" To Count

Two very different articles from this weekend have lead us to wonder: Will female athletes ever be able to drop the female and be seen as just athletes? » 8/31/09 5:00pm 8/31/09 5:00pm

Great Expecations For A New Mom & Athlete

Candace Parker, star of WNBA's L.A. Sparks, is currently on maternity leave, but promised her bosses that she'll continue to promote the team. Like many moms, she's tugged by her duties to her newborn and her commitment to her job. » 7/02/09 3:30pm 7/02/09 3:30pm

Juggling Pregnancy & Career Without Dropping The Ball

L.A. Sparks forward Candace Parker has landed the latest cover of ESPN magazine. The 22-year-old is depicted in a way rarely seen among athletes: In a white gown, holding her pregnant belly. » 3/13/09 1:40pm 3/13/09 1:40pm

Why The WNBA Brawl Could Be Good For The League

On Wednesday, we briefly mentioned » 7/25/08 9:30am 7/25/08 9:30am the that broke out in the final minutes of a game between the WNBA's Detroit Shock and L.A. Sparks. In the following days, sportswriter has opined that the , which resulted in the suspension of league star Candace Parker and 9 other players as well as the suspension of Shock…


Hmm, maybe we're seeing something that isn't there (or reacting to expectations regarding women and decorum that we experienced when playing team sports) but the cluck-clucking on the part of the commentators following last night's WNBA dustup seemed disapproving in way that we don't often hear when male hoopsters get… » 7/23/08 12:20pm 7/23/08 12:20pm

WNBA Wants Players To Focus On Their Lipstick As Well As Their Layups

The hottie to the left is Candace Parker, the Tennessee forward and number 1 WNBA draft pick. She's the first female to dunk in a college game, but that alone isn't why she is expected, by some, to raise the entire profile of the WNBA. Candace has already signed endorsements with Adidas and Gatorade, and, according to… » 5/05/08 4:40pm 5/05/08 4:40pm

Tennessee Lady Vols Trounce Stanford To Win NCAA Title

Despite suffering a twice dislocated shoulder in last week's game against Texas A&M, last night, Tennessee Lady Vols star forward Candace Parker led her team to a 64-48 victory over Stanford in the NCAA basketball final with 17 points and 9 rebounds. This is the Lady Vols eighth NCAA title, underscoring coach Pat… » 4/09/08 9:30am 4/09/08 9:30am