B-List Celebrity Book Covers Are All the Same: They're 'Having It All'

Candace Cameron Bure (aka D.J. from Full House aka the woman who definitely was not going to win Dancing with the Stars this season, not with Olympic skater Meryl Davis in the mix) is just trying to explain how she works at Balancing It All. And like many before her, Candace has figured out that there's no better way… » 5/21/14 5:10pm 5/21/14 5:10pm

A Chris Martin/Alexa Chung Romance Rumored to Be Behind the Goop Split

Huzzah! We have now entered the wild speculation phase of the celebrity conscious uncoupling jamboree! Chris Martin was spotted (actually, let's go with CAUGHT!!!) getting a "late-night milkshake" with model Alexa Chung at Glastonbury, um, last June. The pair was reportedly "chilling and having a good time." » 3/27/14 8:00pm 3/27/14 8:00pm

Church Lady Brought Her Soapbox to Dancing with the Stars

Candace Cameron Bure—"traditional" wife, former Full House star and sister to Kirk—is currently a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. Because a good evangelical never misses an opportunity to SELL, SELL, SELL that Jesus, she's using the show as an opportunity to remind everyone how to be a proper Biblical lady. » 3/26/14 4:00pm 3/26/14 4:00pm

Evangelicals Still Trying to Grapple With Sex, Modernity

MEANWHILE, BACK IN THE BIBLE BELT: Evangelicals are still struggling with this whole "women's lib" thing. Let's check in with the debate over "Biblical womanhood" and submission, shall we? » 3/05/14 2:20pm 3/05/14 2:20pm

Michael Lohan Says He's "Sick" Of Media

Today in Tweet Beat, we're left wondering if hell has frozen over given Michael Lohan's recent tweet. Plus, Ice-T and his doggy's style. » 3/24/11 7:30pm 3/24/11 7:30pm

Is Meg Ryan Dating Newly Separated John Mellencamp?

Lydia Hearst Denies She'll Play Lindsay Lohan In Movie

Today in Tweet Beat, Lydia Hearst says that she's not signed on to star in a movie based on Lindsay Lohan's life. Plus, Meghan McCain is not happy about HBO turning Game Change into a miniseries. » 12/28/10 7:30pm 12/28/10 7:30pm

Baio Continues Campaign Against Lesbian Shitasses; Carrey Continues…

Today in Tweet Beat, Scott Baio says his wife—who, don't forget, also has black friends—is exercising freedom of speech when using "lesbian" pejoratively. Plus, Stephanie Pratt is now speaking in a British accent. » 4/19/10 8:00pm 4/19/10 8:00pm

Snooki's Vagina: A Case Of Mistaken Identity

Today in Tweet Beat, Perez attempts to post a revealing picture of Jersey Shore's Snooki but fails, Mary Carey is worried about Celebrity Rehab cast member Jeff Conaway, and Audrina Patridge is Tweeting and driving. » 1/19/10 7:00pm 1/19/10 7:00pm

Demi Moore Gets Candid With A Giraffe

Today in Tweet Beat, there's no airbrushing for Demi Moore or the giraffe, Ice-T flosses about all of his Xboxes, and Kim Zolciak is making a wig for Chris Crocker. » 12/17/09 8:00pm 12/17/09 8:00pm

Scott Baio's Opinions Continue To Suck

Today in Tweet Beat, Scott Baio hates on Lady GaGa, Kate Major says she knows Jon Gosselin is a good person, and Lisa Rinna posts a picture sans makeup. » 11/23/09 7:00pm 11/23/09 7:00pm

Catching Up With The Full House Cast On Twitter

Today in Tweet Beat, Bob Saget remembers old times, Candace Cameron has new shoes, Jane Fonda is hanging out with Cat Stevens, and the Fort Hood tragedy reminds Hugh Hefner—and us—how freaking old he is. » 11/06/09 6:00pm 11/06/09 6:00pm

Have Mercy: Is There A Full House Spinoff In The Works?

For children of the 80's, the past few years have been a nostalgia overload of sorts. Now that our generation is staring to make decisions regarding television programming, movie scripts, and big-budget remakes, the heroes of our youth are making their way back into our lives, whether we like it or not. Of course, it… » 12/06/08 3:30pm 12/06/08 3:30pm