Bat Kid Cancer Patient Will Make Your Cold Black Heart Grow 3 Sizes

Huge crowds gathered in San Francisco today to cheer on Bat Kid, aka Miles, a 5-year-old who is battling cancer, saving Gotham City, and making it rain all over the entire internet's face. Don't believe me? Try to get through all these pictures of the pint-sized crime fighter without breaking down a tiny bit. I'm not… » 11/15/13 3:20pm 11/15/13 3:20pm

Young Cancer Patients Need Information on Fertility — Even if It's Bad…

Young people with cancer have a lot to contend with, and one major issue is the potential effect of treatment on their fertility. But young female patients say doctors are failing to discuss potential fertility problems with them. » 1/09/12 2:35pm 1/09/12 2:35pm

Flight Attendants Still Eligible For TSA Groping (Updated)

Rage against the new TSA requirements has tended to erase, or caricature, one very key constituency: air-travel employees. That includes mostly female flight attendants, who, unlike pilots, haven't been exempted from enhanced patdown procedures, as well as reluctant TSA employees. » 11/23/10 10:06am 11/23/10 10:06am