Counseling May Help Women Who Are At Risk For Breast Cancer

Though it's not quite as simple as talking away your risk of developing breast cancer, Andrea Farkas Patenaude of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute says increasing your "knowledge about the probabilities and options for managing the cancers," as well as working through your anxieties related to potentially developing… »8/07/11 8:35pm8/07/11 8:35pm

Ovarian Cancer Screening Ineffective in Increasing Survival

Ovarian cancer often goes undetected in women until the disease has metastasized, which is why only 30% of those diagnosed with the disease live for five years after they discover they're sick. A massive new study tried to gauge the effects of early screening in saving lives of the women diagnosed with the deadly… »6/05/11 6:43pm6/05/11 6:43pm