Meghan "Bloggette" McCain Totally Wants To Overthrow The Government

It's been noted 'round the internet that Meghan McCain the bloggette-r »10/03/08 2:30pm10/03/08 2:30pm has . Pitchfork has been following Meghan's musical selections on her blogette, and they discovered a for the post she wrote about her father's debate this past Friday. She chose Stereolab's "Ping Pong," a sneering song mocking the unregulated…

Sure, Hillary Won Pennsylvania, But Barry Nabbed The Hateful Ignorant Fratboy Demographic!

They are known to let dead people come back to vote for ward leader in Philadelphia, but when I arrived at my polling place of the last two elections yesterday, I found my name mysteriously removed from the rolls. My friend and South Philadelphia homeowner Ryan, meanwhile, got turned away for not being a Democrat,… »4/23/08 10:00am4/23/08 10:00am

Barack Obama Would Rather Be Shooting Dunks And Fathering Illegitimate Children. (Duh!)

In a telling interview with the erudite Philadelphia radio program The Angelo Cataldi Show, Barack Obama said he would rather be Dr. J than president. (Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, gave some speech comparing herself to Rocky Balboa while wearing a fuchsia blazer.) Feminist hero Heidi Montag of The Hills announced her… »4/02/08 10:00am4/02/08 10:00am

Obama Girl: "I Think Sometimes In This Campaign/You've Got A Crush On John McCain"

We stopped watching the Obama Girl videos awhile back because, you know, it got old. But this one, in which she pleas with Hillary to drop out of the race, is really great, especially if you drank too much last night, but that goes without saying. Helpfully, it has subtitles, the better for you to catch such… »3/25/08 9:20am3/25/08 9:20am

Barack Obama Defended By Mike Huckabee, Still No Word From Grandma

  • Obama's slightly racist grandma is not dead, she just doesn't feel like commenting on his speech apparently. Here is a picture of her clutching her grandson for fear of being beaten up by darker-skinned black men. No just kidding, it's just a graduation picture. Sorry to drag you into this, Madelyn Dunham.
  • ""As easy…
  • »3/19/08 6:30pm3/19/08 6:30pm

Join Barack Obama In His Phantom Tollbooth To The Land Of "Before They Hated Us"

Barry, seriously. You know we love you, would marry you, have your illegitimate left-handed black Luo children, attend your Cheney family reunion etc. etc. But dude, "if Al Qaeda is forming a base in Iraq"? (P.S.: Seriously, why do all your freaking fans always cheer so rabidly every time you point out things like the… »2/28/08 10:00am2/28/08 10:00am