Mac from It’s Always Sunny Is Camille Paglia’s Spirit Animal

It's not for us to fret over the various pronouncements proto-troll Camille Paglia heaves at the general public — they're all meant to be incendiary, like tiny word grenades full of phrases or sentiments meant to ruffle liberal feathers. She has all the academic credentials that your favorite liberal arts professor… » 12/28/13 3:30pm 12/28/13 3:30pm

Camille Paglia, Please See Me After Class

Camille Paglia has been trolling since before trolling was A Thing. She's the OG of barfing up archaic assertions about women, men, and feminism, justifying them with sweeping, unverified statements, and dressing them up with $2 words, and calling it new. Her latest, "It's A Man's World, And It Always Will Be" is so… » 12/16/13 4:15pm 12/16/13 4:15pm

Here's Another Reason Why Camille Paglia Is Absolutely Ridiculous

We already know that Camilla Paglia jumped the shark awhile back—perhaps an entire school of sharks, while wearing a neon-pink ski hat and scream-singing Ace of Base's "I Saw The Sign." This might account for the rant before this one, which concerned how best-selling, powerful female artists Katy Perry and Taylor… » 2/22/13 10:50am 2/22/13 10:50am

Camille Paglia Wrote a Wackadoo Rant About Katy Perry and Taylor Swift

Camille Paglia has claimed that she has the right to call a woman who was date raped a "stupid idiot," and she gushes about Sarah Palin like she's an Ayn Rand heroine ("So she doesn't speak the King's English - big whoop! There is a powerful clarity of consciousness in her eyes"). In short, Camille Paglia is as crazy… » 12/08/12 12:30pm 12/08/12 12:30pm

British Feminism Is Totally Effed, Says UK Observer

The Guardian's Sunday magazine, the Observer, devoted almost every article this past weekend to the state of feminism in Britain, and the picture they paint is pretty bleak. The lead essay, by 39-year-old Rachel Cooke, claims that the gains made by earlier feminists are quickly losing ground. "Are we going backwards?… » 12/08/08 9:30am 12/08/08 9:30am

Yoko Ono Still Annoys Lennon Fans, 29 Years After His Death

I happened to catch a documentary about Yoko Ono on TV today. She was interviewed for it, as were a number of others, but unlike most of the artist bios that air on Ovation, this one wasn't exactly full of praise. The usual "Yoko broke up the Beatles" crap was brought up, but it was Camille Paglia who was the main… » 11/12/08 7:00pm 11/12/08 7:00pm

Camille Paglia: Sarah Palin Is The Savior Of "Third World Feminism"

Camille Paglia's enormous girl crush » 11/12/08 12:30pm 11/12/08 12:30pm on Sarah Palin only intensifies with every gaffe and blunder. In her new column, found in her other Palin-loving salvos: mean old liberals despise Sarah because they're big city latte drinking jerks who hate America. "So she doesn't speak the King's English — big whoop! There is…

Camille Paglia: Fighting Old Personal Battles With New Palin Sword

As a writer, it is very easy to be defensive about people's reactions to your work and, even more so, to your thoughts. It probably starts when someone points out that you aren't pretty » 10/08/08 1:00pm 10/08/08 1:00pm, which is, of course, followed by . Some days, it begins to feel like when people disagree with you, even for legitimate reasons,…

Patriotism Is Not A Cultural Pissing Contest

Even though initially, primal emotions like anger and fear can overwhelm your rational thoughts, with time the passion fueling those unwieldy feelings can eventually boil down into an angular piece of insight. And so it went with Camille Paglia's typically insulting piece » 9/10/08 6:00pm 9/10/08 6:00pm heralding Sarah Palin's patriotic feminism in …

Pig Lips, Crazy Eyes, Camille Paglia And The Dear Leader

Some days were made for mocking, and between Camille Paglia's assertions » 9/10/08 10:00am 9/10/08 10:00am that she's in touch with the "real" America and that Sarah Palin is the new Madonna, former Massachusetts governor Jane Swift's assertions that Barack Obama is a pig, North Korea's assertions that Kim Jong Il is totally fine and sending birthday…

5 Lessons Gay Men Can Teach Straight People

Since the dynamics within straight relationships have shifted relatively recently, we're kinda confused about how we're supposed to behave, particularly when it comes to gender roles. After we posted about this week's episode of Mad Men » 8/13/08 2:20pm 8/13/08 2:20pm - in which Don Draper has a sexually charged dominance scene with one woman - and…