Callista Gingrich Finally Opens Her Mouth and Is Not Totally Terrible

The only thing most of us know about Callista Gingrich is that she has a frighteningly perfect blonde bob—well, that and she was totally happy to be lying in bed with her lover Newt while he talked on the phone to his wife. Now that they're legit in the eyes of God, she's always at Newt's side during events, yet she… »2/20/12 12:00pm2/20/12 12:00pm

Newt Gingrich's Sexy Valentine's Day Plans Could Very Well Ruin Yours

There are a few things it's fun to imagine Newt Gingrich doing: sitting in a dunk tank, riding in a hot air balloon with family of goats, or having to take a nap on a display bed in a crowded IKEA, for example. And there are a lot of things we'd rather not see him do—governing the country is the first thing that comes… »2/13/12 11:55pm2/13/12 11:55pm

Newt Gingrich Loved America So Much that he Needed an Open Marriage

In a bombshell game changer of an interview set to air tonight, Newt Gingrich's second ex wife Marianne reportedly dishes about the unsavory proclivities of the Presidential candidate before and during their split in the 90's. Among the revelations? Newt asked her for an open relationship so he could go fuck his… »1/19/12 3:45pm1/19/12 3:45pm

Serial Wife-Leaver Newt Gingrich Vows to Defend Marriage

Philandering windbag Newt Gingrich stands a chance at nabbing the Republican Presidential nomination, and in courting the conservative voters he needs to win, he's endorsed a "marriage pledge." Politicians who sign the pledge vow to defend marriage by making sure that marriage is federally defined as between one man… »12/13/11 11:10am12/13/11 11:10am

Profiles In Courage: Newt Gingrich Finally Opens Up About Doing It With A Woman Lewinsky's Age The Whole Time He Was Leading Impeachment!!

Just a warning: we are not going to be able to contain this news to one post, or even seven. We sort of thought this kind of temerity went out of style with Henry VIII, but no! Newt Gingrich, the whole time he was leading the charge to bring down Clinton for splooging on Monica's dress, was cheating on his second wife »3/09/07 9:18am3/09/07 9:18am