Women in California and Oregon Will be Able to Get Birth Control Directly From Pharmacists 

Two new laws in California and Oregon will allow women to forgo with a visit to the gynecologist in order to obtain a prescription for birth control. The New York Times reports that in the next few months, women will be able to get a prescription for contraception directly from a pharmacist. »11/22/15 1:30pm11/22/15 1:30pm


Ex-Marlborough School Teacher Sentenced to Year in Jail for Sexually Abusing Students

Joseph Thomas Koetters, a former English teacher at the elite Marlborough School in Los Angles, pleaded guilty Wednesday to four counts relating to his sexual abuse of two female students. Koetters resigned from his most recent teaching job in July 2014 after Buzzfeed reporter Katie J.M. Baker began inquiring about… »10/21/15 6:30pm10/21/15 6:30pm

California Crisis Pregnancy Centers Sue Over Medical License, Abortion Disclosure Law

California Governor Jerry Brown signed the Reproductive Fact ACT into law Friday, which requires anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers to post signs disclosing to their patients if they are medically licensed, and informing them the state provides low-cost family planning, abortion services and prenatal care. On… »10/12/15 10:30am10/12/15 10:30am

"Say What You Will About Apocalypse, You Can Do Your Own Thing": A Conversation With Claire Vaye Watkins

Like real women, fictional women are often seen as wish-fulfillment. The “strength” that we look for in a female protagonist is often there for sentimental purposes, and rarely resembles the iron, irradiated accountability that matters in real life, a type of strength that’s like the desert—unsparing and mercurial.… »10/09/15 9:35am10/09/15 9:35am

California Could Become Next State to Pass ‘Right to Die’ Bill

The California State Assembly approved legislation which would allow terminally ill patients to be prescribed medication to end their lives. This was the second attempt to pass the bill, following the 2014 case of Brittany Maynard. Last November, Maynard, who was diagnosed with brain cancer, decided to move from… »9/09/15 9:45pm9/09/15 9:45pm

Teenage Boy Arrested After Posting Eminem Lyrics Referencing Columbine

Police in Fresno, California arrested a 15-year-old teenager after he posted lyrics from the Eminem song, “I’m Back,” on his Instagram. The sophomore high school student’s post read, “I take seven kids from Columbine, stand ’em all in a line, add an AK-47, a revolver, a nine, a MAC-11 and it oughtta solve the problem… »9/04/15 12:30pm9/04/15 12:30pm

California Man Was Not Actually Human-Alien Hybrid Sent to Save Humanity

The circumstances surrounding Jeffrey Lash’s death on July 4 in a wealthy Los Angeles suburb are still unclear. Also unknown is where Lash managed to acquire the hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and the many, many guns found in his home. However, contrary to what he told two devout followers, we can be pretty… »8/28/15 11:30am8/28/15 11:30am

Terrible California 'Kill-Gays' Initiative Officially Deemed Terrible

Until the evening of June 23, California lawmakers were actually being asked to address something called the Sodomite Suppression Act, which advocated for the killing “by bullets to the head or by any other convenient method” of anyone who participated in any kind of gay sex. But, as we don’t live in an… »6/23/15 10:30pm6/23/15 10:30pm