Ooh, FLOTUS Has A Thing For George Clooney

Michelle Obama is convinced that her husband Barack—you know, the President of the United States—is squirreling George Clooney away in nooks and crannies of the White House whenever he comes to visit. The President has been kicking it with Clooney ("a wonderful guy") since they worked together on Darfur and Sudan… » 8/20/12 9:00am 8/20/12 9:00am

Another Victoria's Secret Model Allegedly Pregnant On The Catwalk: Lily…

E! is reporting that not one, but two Victoria's Secret models were pregnant when they walked in the show. Lily Aldridge is, according to a "source," expecting her first child with husband/that dude from Kings of Leon, Caleb Followill. Aldridge is said to be about three months along; yesterday, Alessandra Ambrosio » 12/29/11 1:30pm 12/29/11 1:30pm

Jenna Fischer Is Pregnant

Pam Beasley is going to have an off-screen baby! Actress Jenna Fischer is expecting her first child with husband Lee Kirk. And just in time for summer hiatus (which means we won't be seeing Pam carrying around any comically oversized handbags or standing near any large plants). Congrats Jenna! » 5/14/11 11:00am 5/14/11 11:00am

Indie Rock Boys Have Weight Issues Too

When discussing body dissatisfaction, women often argue that we have it much harder than men. However, in certain subcultures in which certain men reside, like indie rock, the Guardian argues, skinniness is heralded, and the overweight are mocked. According to the Guardian's Priya Elan, when Kings of Leon frontman… » 12/10/08 2:40pm 12/10/08 2:40pm