Seven Valuable Pieces of Advice Just for Teenage Girls

There comes a day when you realise you cannot continue as the child you are now — fashioned in an unfashionable decade by your poor parents, and at a time when they were inadvisably discombobulated by Caesarian stitches, fundamental disagreements with their own parents, retrospectively laughable hair-cuts, and… »9/23/14 5:30pm9/23/14 5:30pm


'Twitter Silence' Campaign Brings Out the Worst in Everyone

Prominent British feminist writer Caitlin Moran spearheaded a symbolic day of "Twitter silence" last Sunday to protest the rape and bomb threats a number of high-profile UK women recently received after suggesting Jane Austen be featured on a £10 note. (Misandry!!!) It turns out that giving bullies what they want —… »8/05/13 5:30pm8/05/13 5:30pm

Your Afternoon Cry: Caitlin Moran's Posthumous Tips for Her Daughter

No, thankfully Caitlin Moran isn't dead. She's alive and — for the most part — doing quite well. There's just one thing: Her daughter is about to turn 13 and the stress of it is making Moran possibly smoke herself into an early grave. And it was with that in mind that she penned this funny, touching essay for The… »7/26/13 12:20pm7/26/13 12:20pm

Caitlin Moran Explains The Whole Bitch Magazine Lena Dunham Kerfuffle

The brevity and bluntness that distinguishes How To Be A Woman author (a tome chosen, in fact, for our very own book club) and Times of London columnist Caitlin Moran has gotten her into some hot water this week. After tweeting that she would be interviewing Lena Dunham, a random user asked: "Did you address the… »10/20/12 12:30pm10/20/12 12:30pm

'Ugh, What's Up With All These Feminists Being Funny?' Says Chronically Unfunny Woman

This is a serious post, you beer-swilling, har-harring feminists. An adult is concerned about you guys. Please, take a break from lying about your rapes for a second to listen to this urgent announcement: Feminists used to be all earnest and dour and serious, back in the 90's when grunge and Katie Roiphe were… »10/01/12 4:20pm10/01/12 4:20pm

Honeypot, Flaps, Twat: Nicknaming a Vagina Is Tricky Business

The problem with the word "vagina" is that vaginas seem to be just straight-out bad luck. Only a masochist would want one, because only awful things happen to them. Vaginas get torn. Vaginas get "examined." Evidence is found in them. Serial killers leave things in them, to taunt Morse — like they're the shelf in the… »7/25/12 1:35pm7/25/12 1:35pm