That Time My Job Involved Tossing Dead Babies Into a Crematory

The nightmare revealer of madness unknown,
Of fetuses cooked for the Satanists' feast,
Old witches look on as a baby reveals,
A stretch of her leg to the lust of the Beast.
» 9/19/14 11:20am 9/19/14 11:20am

Ask a Mortician: How Can I Give My Pet a Good Death at Home?

Having your pet euthanized at home is more expensive, but for our favorite deathxpert, Caitlin Doughty, it was important, when her Siamese cat was sick with cancer: "If I had to do it again, a thousand times, I would choose this, every time." » 9/09/14 5:15pm 9/09/14 5:15pm

Ask a Mortician: How Do You Protect Yourself From Dead Body Microbes?

Yay! Our favorite mortician, Caitlin Doughty, is back with a new episode of Ask a Mortician. This time, she explains miasma theory and why your loved ones don't technically need to be embalmed after death. » 7/03/13 5:00pm 7/03/13 5:00pm

TLC Is Looking for 'Fabulous' Funeral Females for a Reality Show

No, really. Our favorite mortician Caitlin Doughty "submits" an "audition" video, and we cross our fingers that whatever shitshow is in the works doesn't make the funeral business — or women — look bad. » 5/16/13 7:15pm 5/16/13 7:15pm

At Home With Our Favorite Mortician: 'Ever Since I Started Working With…

Hey look, it's the mortician from "Ask A Mortician"! In this video, our buddy Caitlin Doughty drinks wine, talks about corpses and reveals her plans for her own funeral home.
» 1/29/13 4:20pm 1/29/13 4:20pm

Ask A Mortician: What Do You Say to Someone Who Is Grieving?

In this episode of Ask A Mortician, our favorite deathxpert, Caitlin Doughty, tackles Shit People Say To Grieving People That Is Wrong. For instance, you probably should not say "look on the bright side." » 7/19/12 5:30pm 7/19/12 5:30pm

Ask A Mortician: Can a Casket Explode?

In this episode of Ask A Mortician, our favorite death-obsessed lady, Caitlin Doughty, explains the magic of decomposition, and how, if you want to, you can turn a dead body into an explosive device. » 6/19/12 6:15pm 6/19/12 6:15pm

Also, we neglected to post this episode from earlier this month, in which Caitlin discusses corpse poop, so we…

Our Favorite Mortician Explains How You Can Have Her Job

Death enthusiasts! Episode four of "Ask A Mortician" has arrived. If you've ever been curious about how to become a mortician, Caitlin breaks it down. Apparently attending mortuary college involves actual academic responsibility and is not all "Whee! Bodies!" Also, should you want your cremated remains to be baked… » 12/14/11 2:25pm 12/14/11 2:25pm