Weed Is Not for Women: A Dispatch From Cairo

Looking for weed as a woman traveling alone is, in the eyes of many, akin to declaring that you have zero moral compunction. Drug hunting abroad necessitates seeking out a series strange men, most of whom want to have sex with you. I’d felt this way at times in Europe, but Egypt is where it really begins to sink in. » 4/30/15 1:10pm 4/30/15 1:10pm

Egyptian Women Taking Up Martial Arts, Learning to Kick Ass

It is virtually impossible to be a woman for a day in Cairo, Egypt without some form of sexual harassment. Whether it be cat-calling or actual pinches and grabs, 99 percent of Egyptian women have experienced some form of sexual harassment, according to a report by the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality. 99… » 5/08/13 11:55am 5/08/13 11:55am

New Egyptian TV Channel Run Exclusively by Veiled Women Actually a 'Gimmick'

In Cairo, there's a new TV channel called Maria, that is run exclusively by niqab-clad women. A first, according to CNN. The female volunteers of Maria share two studios with the staff of Al-Omma, Maria's mother channel — which is independent but very religious and "anti-Christianization." » 7/31/12 3:00pm 7/31/12 3:00pm

Just How Bad Is It for Women in Egypt? Very.

After a year and a half or so characterized by political uprising, government overthrow, and a wobbly transition from military-run government to democracy, one would hope that conditions were improving for Egypt's women, and for its citizenry as a whole. Short answer: they're not. In fact, left to their own devices,… » 6/28/12 11:20am 6/28/12 11:20am

Egyptian Government Issues Apology, Will Likely Continue Treating Women Like Garbage

In response to international outcry over a photo of a female protester getting her clothing ripped off as she was dragged through the streets of Cairo, the Egyptian government has finally dropped the "they were provoking us!" act an issued an apology. The military junta in charge of the government has vowed to root… » 12/21/11 3:30pm 12/21/11 3:30pm

Egyptian Women March Against Violence Government Claims Isn't Really Happening

This weekend, a picture of a female Tahrir Square protester having her clothes torn off while a soldier prepared to kick her renewed global concern that perhaps the new government of Egypt isn't being quite so awesome to the ladies. Today, thousands of Egyptian women took to the streets of Cairo to protest the ruling… » 12/20/11 5:50pm 12/20/11 5:50pm

Egypt's Military Carries Out Violent Attacks On Women Protesters

Egypt's military rulers continue carry out a brutal crackdown on protesters in Cairo. Fighting has been ongoing for the last several days, and more than 300 people have been injured and at least nine people have been killed. In a shocking scene yesterday, troops viciously attacked a crowd of protesters—in one case… » 12/18/11 1:05pm 12/18/11 1:05pm

Writer/Activist Mona Eltahawy Arrested, Beaten, Sexually Assaulted By Police In Cairo

Mona Eltahawy — New York-based blogger, feminist activist, award-winning columnist and public speaker on Arab and Muslim issues — was arrested yesterday in Cairo. She'd traveled to Egypt a couple of days ago to report on the protests in Tahrir Square; after she was arrested, the State Department expressed concern.… » 11/24/11 9:15am 11/24/11 9:15am