The Godmother Of Bohemian Style Has Her Turn in the Spotlight

While the words “boho chic” might make you cringe due to the excessive usage of the term during Coachella season, the 70s-inspired, flowy pieces that make up the trend are popular for good reason. There aren’t many pieces of clothing that can make someone feel instantly chic than a floor-length caftan. Fashion… » 4/19/15 2:35pm 4/19/15 2:35pm

Gucci Resort: A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock 'N Roll

Tom Ford? Whatever. Under the direction of Frida Giannini (yay! a woman!), Gucci has, frankly, never looked better. Seemingly classic, lady-like, and traditional the collection is, in fact, fairly radical: No pastel colors or flowing caftans here. Yeah, we like to rail against expensive shit, and we'll keep doing it. [ » 6/15/07 5:02pm 6/15/07 5:02pm