WHO: Unnecessary C-Sections Can Lead to Long-Term Complications 

In a statement released today, the World Health Organization warned that medically unnecessary Caesarean sections can endanger women and infants, saying they’re associated with both “short and long term risk which can extend many years beyond the current delivery and affect the health of the woman, her child, and… »4/10/15 6:20pm4/10/15 6:20pm

An Unnatural Birth: In Praise of the Caesarean Section

I'm sitting, exhausted, in a tiny circle of new mommies, almost all of us first-timers, with our two-month-old babies in our laps. Some of the babies are sleeping, some are awake. For most of us, I assume, it was a struggle to even get here, to this meetup. It certainly was for me. The mommies are trading birthing… »10/09/14 1:10pm10/09/14 1:10pm

Brazilian Women Taking Back Control of Their Birth Canals

Brazil, the land of talking exotic birds, is wrestling with a childbirth culture that has, in recent years, relied on interventionist procedures such as C-sections. More than half of all babies born in Brazil are delivered via cesarean, a figure, according to the Associated Press, that rises to 82 percent for women on… »8/13/12 1:00pm8/13/12 1:00pm

What Should Jezebels Really Expect After They're Expecting: Sex Edition

There's an article in Psychology Today about the after-effects of different kinds of birth on the ol' vagina. And guys, it is bleak. (Think the Psych Today editors were inspired by that Elle article last month on sex after giving birth?) Three months after a C-section, 55% of women reported sexual dissatisfaction.… »6/26/08 4:00pm6/26/08 4:00pm

Scandinavians Split On Sexist Ads • Beaver Goes On Russian Booze Rampage

Scandinavian countries spar over, defend sexist advertising and free speech laws. • Pregnant Indian women more likely to have morning sickness than Norwegians. • My Little Pony celebrates 25th birthday with tea and Elizabeth Hasselbeck. • Smart girls supposedly have a harder time getting off because, um, they think »4/25/08 5:40pm4/25/08 5:40pm

Stilettos: Bad For Feet, Bad For Exercising In, Bad For British Newlyweds

  • Talk about bridezilla: A just-married Scottish woman attacked her husband with a stiletto on their wedding night. [DailyMail]
  • Research shows that, well, along with their emotional states, women's physical performance declines when they're premenstrual. [Guardian]
  • Men who cower in the delivery room while their partners…
  • »7/10/07 4:35pm7/10/07 4:35pm