The Super Blood Moon Is Coming: A Guide to the End of the World

Everyone gearing up for an awesome and chilled-out weekend? Well, too bad. Because on Sunday, a rare lunar phenomenon known as the Super Blood Moon is occurring, and it means in no uncertain terms that the end of days is coming. Forget the hundreds of other times when the world was definitely ending—this Sunday is 100… »9/25/15 11:30am9/25/15 11:30am

Penelope Trunk on Work-Life Balance: Pay With Your Life to Be Able to Work

Penelope Trunk, the formerly respected career blogger whose brand of unflinching pragmatism began veering into a quite dark place around a half-decade ago—when she 1) live-tweeted a miscarriage during a board meeting 2) posted nude photos of her bruised body after an alleged, shocking incident of domestic violence 3)… »8/24/15 11:30am8/24/15 11:30am