JFK Stops Emma Watson To Ask Her Where Mommy And Daddy Are

As if the cries of "Ten points for Gryffindor!" every time she answers a question in lecture correctly aren't humiliating enough, Emma Watson, returning to Brown to resume her studies in the winter semester, was stopped and questioned by customs at the passport desk at JFK because they thought she was an unaccompanied… »1/07/13 9:00am1/07/13 9:00am

The Premiere Of Vicky Cristina Barcelona: Suspect Movie, Great Red Carpet

As we all know, Vicky Cristina Barcelona »8/05/08 10:30am8/05/08 10:30am features Woody Allen's dirty old man sapphic fantasy pairing of Scarlett Johannson and Penelope Cruz (and didn't I read that there's a threesome with Javier Bardem in there, too?). But however unappealing the thought of his directing said sex scenes, the casting of such…