The Difference Between "Good" & "Bad" Girls, According To One Idiot

I almost feel bad picking on Marie Claire dating blogger Rich Santos because even though he's the magazine's resident expert on women, I'm beginning to think he never gets laid. And normally I would just think that was a shame, but in this instance, it's actually pathetic. I mean, the title of his column is "Sex and… »3/08/11 11:20am3/08/11 11:20am


Kim Kardashian Says She Didn't Get Butt Implants; We Consult Cher's Ass

Kim Kardashian, socialite turned amateur porn star turned reality star, will be on the cover of the October 2007 issue of the urban lad magazine King. In it she refutes the rumors that she's had butt implants, saying that her ass is a result of her Armenian ethnicity. "I'm Armenian; you should see all the women in my… »8/24/07 5:30pm8/24/07 5:30pm