Mariah Carey's Mother's Day Cake Was the Most Mariah Cake Ever 

For Mother’s Day, Mariah’s manager gifted her with a thousand-dollar cake dusted in real gold, crafted in the shape of a size eight platform stiletto heel with a strap in the shape of a butterfly. The only way this cake would be more perfectly Mariah is if it were delivered and consumed within the magical confines of… »5/12/15 9:30am5/12/15 9:30am


Butterfly Keeps Sketchy Dudes At Bay By Closing Her Wings

Japanese scientists say female small copper butterflies have developed a way to keep males from making unwanted advances. The female butterflies only mate once, then they shut their wings every time another male of their species flies by. "Closing their wings makes them less visible, helping them avoid communication… »6/03/11 12:10pm6/03/11 12:10pm