How To Talk Your Girl Friends Out of Going to Business School

Working a shit job in a cube zoo hell-Labyrinth is a soul-sucking way for a woman to spend her twenties; attending graduate school so she can compose a thesis on menstrual shaming in early Gaelic literature is a money-sucking way for a woman to spend her twenties. But there's one way a woman can waste a few years of… »9/17/13 5:40pm9/17/13 5:40pm


Businessweek Asks the Tough Questions: Which Business School Has the Hottest Chicks?

We expect certain websites to run listicles ranking hot coeds, sure. But Bloomberg Businessweek? Yep: the magazine's website recently asked readers to vote on which business school had the most attractive female students, apropos of nothing other than a general appreciation for babes. »11/12/12 5:30pm11/12/12 5:30pm

Website for Career Women Thinks Ladies Go to Business School to Find Husbands

Women now represent 31% of business-school classes, up from about 26% in 2001. Harvard Business School's class of 2013 will have the highest percentage of female students — 39% — in the school's history. The number of women taking the GMAT rose 10% over the past decade. What's the takeaway, here? That more women are… »8/28/12 4:00pm8/28/12 4:00pm