This 'My Little Pony' Resume Does Not Seem To Be a Joke

A good way to make your resume stand out from every other resume is to turn all of your past work experience into those sweet lil' tattoos that adorn the rear of every My Little Pony (I KNOW they are called "Cutie Marks" because I Googled but I didn't want to be esoteric with my knowledge; please don't yell at me if… »9/05/13 6:15pm9/05/13 6:15pm


Accounting Firm Tells Its Female Employees What Not To Wear

The British accounting firm of Ernst and Young recently held a voluntary workshop »11/03/08 3:00pm11/03/08 3:00pm for its female employees to teach them how to dress appropriately for work. Reports the , "Fleur Bothwick, head of diversity at the firm, said that while men could simply opt for a uniform of dark suit and tie, officewear was more…

Dear New CEO Of The Gap: A Few Tips From People Who Wear Clothes

Dear new Gap CEO Glenn Murphy,
Happy first day on the job! Soooo, your company's a piece of shit, and the industry seems reeeeallly confident in your ability to turn things around. NOT! To quote the New York Post's "insider" (we're sure she didn't mean to misspell your name!) you don't know an "armhole from a sock."… »7/27/07 1:30pm7/27/07 1:30pm

Where Wal-Mart Went Wrong In Fashion (Hint: All That Cheap Junk Food Didn't Help)

Wal-Mart just lost apparel chief Claire Watts, the second in a short but incredibly dramatic line of failed hires (Wal-Tart Julie Roehm being first) Wal-Mart has made in an attempt to become "cool," and now rumors are swirling that Wal-Mart's CEO will be forced out of the company, all because the company that has… »7/23/07 10:03am7/23/07 10:03am