Women Have to Start Playing Dumb Boring Golf to Get Ahead in Business

Fancy ladies of business: Do you suffer from headaches because you're always accidentally bumping your heads against the glass ceiling? Well, the good news is that there might be away for you to break through it once and for all. The bad news is that the way to do that is by learning how to pay golf. Booooooo. » 11/18/13 12:50pm 11/18/13 12:50pm

How To Talk Your Girl Friends Out of Going to Business School

Working a shit job in a cube zoo hell-Labyrinth is a soul-sucking way for a woman to spend her twenties; attending graduate school so she can compose a thesis on menstrual shaming in early Gaelic literature is a money-sucking way for a woman to spend her twenties. But there's one way a woman can waste a few years of… » 9/17/13 5:40pm 9/17/13 5:40pm

What Your Power Lunch Says About You

Power lunches! Lunches that give you powwwwwer! Did you know that — as we speak — there are women out there who are lunching and becoming powerful and making business deals at fancy restaurants across the globe (but particularly in downtown Manhattan)? You do now thanks to this exposé by the New York Times, the one… » 9/04/13 3:10pm 9/04/13 3:10pm

Financial Firm Wants Fewer Women's Toilets in Its Manhattan Office

The group that owns the Manhattan high-rise home of male-dominated Japanese financial firm Nomura is requesting a new Certificate of Occupancy that will allow far fewer women's toilets to be installed on those lower levels occupied by Nomura. That's because Nomura boasts a long and storied history of not having many… » 3/25/13 12:05pm 3/25/13 12:05pm

Lululemon Recalls Overpriced See-Through Yoga Pants

You might have been too busy this weekend with all of the exercise sport workouts that you were doing to have heard the news, but Lululemon, the pricey yoga outfitter adored by the wealthy zen everywhere, were forced to recall a large selection of their yoga pants due to a coverage problem, i.e., wearing them meant… » 3/19/13 10:55am 3/19/13 10:55am