Men's Fashion Commercial Features Burqa, Twist Ending

Fashion label Paisley has released a new commercial titled 'Hide,' (or for some reason in this video, 'The Most Coolest Burqa Commercial Paisley Hide') in which a very well-dressed man dons a burqa to presumably avoid being macked on (and having his suit drooled over) by the ladies. » 5/12/14 2:20pm 5/12/14 2:20pm

Daddyblogger Controls His Boner With 'Imaginary Burqas'

Self-described feminist "daddyblogger" Andy Hinds sees women everywhere (How bizarre!) — at the gym, at the market, even on the street — and can't help but mentally defile these tempting petals of purity by thinking about sleeping with them. His solution is to "cloak them in imaginary burqas." » 5/30/13 6:00pm 5/30/13 6:00pm

Muslims and Hindus Are Much Less Likely to Have Sex Before Marriage

U.S. states that preach abstinence-only education based on Christian values end up with sky-high teen pregnancy rates and scores of guilty young people wondering What Jesus Would Do with their purity rings. A new study in the American Sociological Review found that evangelical virginity-pledgers could learn a thing… » 10/29/12 10:55am 10/29/12 10:55am

Netherlands to Ban Burqas, Face Coverings

The government of The Netherlands has announced plans to ban the wearing of veils that cover the face of the wearer that will take effect within the year, citing the need to see people's faces when greeting them on the streets. The French immediately scoffed at the announcement, as the law is just a French knock-off. » 1/30/12 2:40pm 1/30/12 2:40pm

Kim Kardashian Goes Burqa Shopping In Dubai

Kim Kardashian is in Dubai, where she is doing the important, urgent work of launching a fragrance and attending the opening of a milkshake store. But since Kim had a little free time, and simply loathes showing off her face and body, she and her mother went shopping for abayas and burqas. And niqabs. Does this mean… » 10/14/11 9:00am 10/14/11 9:00am

Your Complete Guide To Bad Burqa Puns

Every time news about another hijab/niqab/burqa ban hits the press, editors rejoice: this is their chance to coin THE ultimate veil pun. Problem is, there's simply no such thing as a good veil pun. » 7/19/10 2:25pm 7/19/10 2:25pm

France’s Burqa Ban, Hatefully Mansplained

Today I read an op-ed in the New York Times that made me so angry it took me a good couple hours to calm down after reading it. I'm still fuming. » 5/07/10 4:40pm 5/07/10 4:40pm

One Baby's Barley Water Is Another Baby's Breast Milk