Lady Gaga Has a Burqa Problem

Lady Gaga's increasingly daft and desperate attempts to be "shocking" and "thought-provoking" have reached a new nadir. The Italian-American singer/conceptual fashion embryo has been trying to make "burqa swag" happen for a while by traipsing around in burqa-like garments; now, a track that's allegedly leaked from her… » 8/07/13 3:20pm 8/07/13 3:20pm

Woman May Be Sent To Prison For Violating French Burqa Ban

Hind Ahmas, a 32-year-old French mother, is facing two years in prison and a $42,000 fine because she refuses to accept the government's new ban on wearing the burqa or niqab in public. Ahmas was banned from her own trial yesterday because she wouldn't remove her veil, and during the proceeding she was ordered to spend … » 12/14/11 12:05pm 12/14/11 12:05pm

French Burqa Ban Has Succeeded In Making Things Worse

France instituted a ban on wearing face coverings in public in April, and the first fines may be handed down this week. In the past six months, authorities have been hesitant to enforce the measure, and many police officers are simply looking the other way when they see a woman in a veil. While the ban was ostensibly… » 9/20/11 12:15pm 9/20/11 12:15pm