What To Do If You Find That You Have Injured Yourself

It happens when you least expect it: you're innocently cooking a pizza while Voguing to the bumper music on NPR's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me when suddenly, you graze your wrist against the piping hot oven tray. Or you're chasing your dog around and your foot meets an earring laying back-up on the floor. Or an errant… » 11/08/11 3:20pm 11/08/11 3:20pm

A provincial governor in southern Afghanistan announced » 11/25/08 10:20am 11/25/08 10:20am today that police have arrested 10 Taliban militants involved in acid attacks on 15 schoolgirls and teachers . The attackers were paid by high-ranking Taliban fighters to carry out the attacks, and several have already admitted to their involvement. []