Be Careful, Your House Sitter Might Move Your 1D Cutouts and Put Your Place on Airbnb

Relevant news for those of you who were planning to leave your home in the care of a sitter the next time you go on vacation: A San Francisco couple hired someone to take care of their house while they frolicked at Burning Man, and were shocked to find that the guy watching over their castle was renting it on Airbnb… »9/18/15 6:50pm9/18/15 6:50pm

I Can’t Stop Watching This Video of Katy Perry At Burning Man

This video that Katy Perry posted of herself at Burning Man is my worst nightmare. Perry, wearing a fur coat and goggles, clearly living out some Tank Girl /Mad Max: Fury Road fantasies, starts off spinning around on a Segway, then falls off and has to chase the scooter as it rolls away in the dust. Her caption… »9/06/15 4:30pm9/06/15 4:30pm

I'd Never Go To Burning Man, But I'd Probably See This Burning Man Musical

The risk of bug bites, death, and Julia Allison weddings is far too high for me to feel remotely comfortable spending a week on the playa as a Burning Man attendee. I am, however, more than happy to make fun of the whole thing from afar. Fortunately, so are plenty of other people, and some of them write musicals. »8/28/15 5:30pm8/28/15 5:30pm

Fuck This Earth: Versace Takes Coachella Fashion to the Couture Runway

The couture collections for fall are debuting in Paris this week, but we have already declared ourselves deceased after day one: Atelier Versace giving itself over to the festival fashion ideal and dropping straight Coachella bombs on the runway, complete with flower crowns. »7/08/15 4:50pm7/08/15 4:50pm

Love at Burning Man Will Warm Your Bitchy, Jaded Heart

I very much enjoy making fun of Burning Man attendees. I did it last year. I did it before I worked at Jezebel, when I lived in the Bay Area (I pray all of you will one day experience the glory of a burner-free San Francisco weekend). I hope I live to do it again. There's just so much to work with, especially now… »9/03/13 1:30pm9/03/13 1:30pm