Find Your Chill with Låpsley's 'Burn'

For the last year and a half, Lapsley, a UK teenage singer-songwriter signed to XL, has quietly been putting out tracks that hit somewhere between the XX’s Romy and a demo version of Adele. Her latest one, “Burn,” starts out in a sort of Tori Amos palette and builds, sure and clear, to an incredibly satisfying drop… »8/18/15 11:30am8/18/15 11:30am


Bride Gets Back at Awful Parents With Brilliant Burn of a Wedding Invite

Say you're getting married and don't want to invite your parents due to the abuse they visited upon you as a child. And say those same parents are now bullying you for an invitation. What do you do? If you're this bride, you send them an invitation that's so acid-dipped that you can feel the burn from here. »2/16/15 9:45pm2/16/15 9:45pm

Woman's Shorts Burst Into Flames After She Picks Up Some Nice Rocks on the Beach

A nice walk on the beach with your family sounds so lovely doesn't it? Strolling by the sea, all of you picking up shells. Heck, maybe your kids even pick up some pretty rocks to take home. You just stick them in the pocket of your shorts and move on, distracted by a little crab or a piece of seaglass. Then an hour or… »5/17/12 11:55pm5/17/12 11:55pm