Burberry Prorsum: For the Ethereal, Perpetually Naked Executive in You

New York Fashion Week is over. Now London Fashion Week is underway. Today, Christopher Bailey presented his beauteous spring 2014 collection for Burberry Prorsum. » 9/17/13 4:20pm 9/17/13 4:20pm

Burberry Dresses The Modern Snow-Maiden

Christopher Bailey's Burberry Prorsum show was live-streamed, celeb-packed, and big. And, yes, there were plenty of classic Burberry coats. With an emphasis on "classic." (And fur hats) » 2/21/11 6:35pm 2/21/11 6:35pm

It was largely outerwear — classic shapes and plenty of cozy. And we'll expect to see plenty of these shots of color on the…

Burberry's Collection More Noteworthy Than A Model Wipeout

Yes, a model fell at the star-studded Burberry Prorsum show. But even that could not eclipse a collection that married classic anglomania with Mad Max chic and a refined rebel-without-a-cause vibe. » 9/22/10 9:49am 9/22/10 9:49am

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Burberry Stays On Top By Keeping Soap Opera Stars Away From Its Styles

Burberry designer Christopher Bailey — a working-class Yorkshire lad — is profiled at length by the New Yorker's Lauren Collins. Bailey is notable not only for overseeing a house that was until recently considered moribund, but for being unusually nice. » 9/08/09 4:00pm 9/08/09 4:00pm

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