Watch Clare Maguire Go HAM on a New Track at the Burberry Runway Show

British singer-songwriter Clare Maguire has one of my favorite voices in the business right now—shivery, steel-sharp soul with some blood and tremble behind it—and now she's returned to the stage at Burberry, where Christopher Bailey's musical leanings have brought serious acoustic-leaning talent (Marika Hackman, Tom… »2/27/15 6:30pm2/27/15 6:30pm


Burberry Prorsum, for Undercover City Kitties On the Prowl

Although the palette was limited — mostly oxblood, red, black, white and camel — there were quite a few prints on the runway at the fall/winter Burberry Prorsum show today in London. Animal prints, heart prints, grommets lined up just so. And textures! From croc and patent to fur and felted wool. The strongest pieces… »2/18/13 6:00pm2/18/13 6:00pm

Burberry, for the Crinkly Candy Wrapper-Loving, Trouser-Eschewing Ladylike Lady in You

More London Fashion week! Today the Burberry show was a quiet riot of luxe jewel tones, shiny, body-hugging frocks and trenches, as well as dresses in not-so-innocent lace. Even though there were vivid beetle shell hues and candy wrapper foil shirts, everything seemed really elegant and refined. But: There were some… »9/17/12 7:00pm9/17/12 7:00pm

Socialites And Artists Try To Out-Weird One Another

Last night, the artsy fartsy crowd was a gas at Burberry's Serpentine Summer Party in London. »6/29/11 11:40am6/29/11 11:40am

These three are straight-up club messes. Leah Weller is drunk peeing outside by the curb, Zaha Hadid just got caught making out with someone, and later, a song will come on that Tali Lennox likes, and she'll put her bag…