Silvio Berlusconi Convicted of Being Criminally Gross

Silvio Berlusconi, Italy's ex-Prime Minister whom I am legally obligated to refer to as "disgraced," was just convicted of having sex with an underage prostitute and using his political influence to cover it up. He's been sentenced to 7 years in prison, which sounds bad until you consider the silver lining: if such a… » 6/24/13 1:20pm 6/24/13 1:20pm

Berlusconi's Hired Stripper Wore Obama Mask at His 'Bunga Bunga' Parties

Ever since former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Burlusconi's sex parties came under investigation in 2011, I've spent many a-morning pondering the meaning of the term given to the raunchy late night escapades of the premier, "bunga bunga" parties. Initially, I thought it was a sound appropriated from Gullah Gullah… » 5/17/13 6:30pm 5/17/13 6:30pm

Berlusconi Thinks Women Are Bunga Bunga Enthusiasts by Nature

Just because Italy's most consistently corrupt (and that's saying something) public official has resigned his office and is now on trial for, among other things, paying for sexual services from a girl under the age of 18, doesn't mean we can't enjoy some lurid "bunga bunga" news. After all, what would Saturday be… » 4/21/12 1:00pm 4/21/12 1:00pm

What's On Berlusconi's Bucket List?

During the parliamentary session that may have sealed Silvio Berlusconi's political fate, the esteemed Italian premier was making a sort of to-do list. A photographer caught the list on camera, and it makes for some strange reading. » 11/08/11 7:00pm 11/08/11 7:00pm

At Last, Berlusconi Explains 'Bunga Bunga'

Silvio Berlusconi continues his campaign of acting like a gross, boorish horndog while claiming he is not in any way a gross, boorish horndog. Recently, he denied yet again that his infamous "bunga bunga" parties involved any sex, saying, "There was no sacrilegious behaviour at my house." And, he explained, "When a… » 10/24/11 1:10pm 10/24/11 1:10pm

Silvio Berlusconi Allegedly Likes Nun Stripteases

Another week, another ridiculous revelation regarding Silvio Berlusconi's "bunga bunga" parties. This week, we learn he likes him some nuns. » 9/09/11 6:00pm 9/09/11 6:00pm

Berlusconi Allegedly Had Women Kiss Dick Statue

We know you'll be shocked that an "indecent" game was allegedly played at one of Silvio Berlusconi's "bunga bunga" parties. According to guests who testified today, the Italian PM brought out a statue of the god Priapus (known for his large boner), and asked the assembled women to kiss it. Then he asked, "Are you… » 4/13/11 2:01pm 4/13/11 2:01pm

Berlusconi Defense Team Calls George Clooney As Witness

The defense in Silvio Berlusconi's increasingly bizarre trial have submitted a list of witnesses they'd like to call, including the Italian foreign minister, "a bevy of showgirls" . . . and George Clooney, who allegedly attended one of Berlusconi's infamous parties with his girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis. This odd… » 3/29/11 5:35pm 3/29/11 5:35pm

Berlusconi Will Graciously Attend His Own Trials

Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi is going to make himself available to the court every Monday — and even some Saturdays! — during his four current and upcoming trials. He stands accused of bribery, bunga bunga, and several other crimes. » 3/05/11 5:30pm 3/05/11 5:30pm

Italian Women Protest Silvio Burlusconi

Armed with signs that read "Enough!" and "If not now, when?", thousands of citizens participated in coordinated anti-Berlusconi protests across Italy today. The protesters were frustrated by the Bunga Bunga Partying One's blatant and public disrespect for women, and many participants commented on turning a blind eye… » 2/13/11 4:18pm 2/13/11 4:18pm

A History of Silvio Berlusconi's Sex-Scandal Sketchiness

Prime minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi has been involved in so many bizarre sex scandals over the years (and the past few days) that it's almost like creeping is his hobby. How to keep 'em straight? This time-line should help! » 1/15/11 1:35pm 1/15/11 1:35pm

Berlusconi Investigated For Soliciting Prostitution

Silvio Berlusconi is under investigation for possibly paying for sex with then-17-year-old Karima el-Mahroug (aka Ruby Heartstealer). This is the same girl who introduced the world to Berlusconi's "bunga bunga" predilections. » 1/14/11 5:25pm 1/14/11 5:25pm

Vogue Russia Dedicates Cover To Putin's Mistress

Vladimir Putin's rumored mistress, that is. Her name is Alina Kabayeva, and she is an Olympic gold-medalist, rhythmic gymnast, and member of the Russian parliament. And the mother of what may be Putin's love child. » 12/13/10 5:56pm 12/13/10 5:56pm

WikiLeaks Reveal Hidden Toll Of Bunga-Bunga Parties

The latest WikiLeaks scandal has rocked the world, provoked a response from Sarah Palin, and set in motion an international rumor mill. But we know what you really care about: what does this mean for bunga-bunga? » 12/02/10 9:36am 12/02/10 9:36am

What Are "Bunga-Bunga" Parties, And Why Is Berlusconi Hosting Them?

Today, Silvio Berlusconi stands accused of having an "uncontrollable sickness" when it comes to women, and of hosting "bunga-bunga" parties that culminate in sex. So, business as usual. » 11/01/10 2:33pm 11/01/10 2:33pm