Nicole Arbour Fired From Gig After Posting 'Dear Fat People' Vid

After posting the controversial video titled, “Dear Fat People,” Nicole Arbour not only received backlash from other comedians and YouTube personalities, as well as celebrities such as Chrissy Teigen, but it also cost the comedian a job. Arbour, who had previously worked with the Toronto Argonauts Cheerleaders, was… »9/10/15 10:15pm9/10/15 10:15pm


The Gift Is Terrifying, But Not Because It's a Horror Movie

It’s about 18 minutes into The Gift and I am screaming “Oh shit,” so loudly that the entire theater is laughing and the woman next to me tries to put her hand on my knee to comfort me. It’s the second time this has happened; it’s not the last. But while the jump scares in this Jason Bateman vehicle are plentiful, it’s… »8/13/15 12:23pm8/13/15 12:23pm

Teen Bully to Dr. Phil: 'Somebody Has to Tell People They're Ugly'

In Wednesday's episode of Dr. Phil, the "older, less attractive" and "bald" host subjects himself to Salty Teen opinions of himself in an attempt to get said group of Salty Teens, skilled in the art of social bullying, to lay down their swords. Instead, the intervention kind of goes off the rails. »1/14/15 3:45pm1/14/15 3:45pm

Formerly Bullied Woman Proves That Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Cold

Imagine the following: You're a girl who's been bullied for three years by a boy and his friends. You starve yourself because they call you fat and ugly. As an adult, you've transformed into a fairly attractive person and run into the bully, who then asks you out. What would you do? Louisa Manning went for revenge. »12/09/14 8:45pm12/09/14 8:45pm

Piers Morgan on Monica Lewinsky's Twitter Bullies: She's Asking For It

After Piers Morgan's show was cancelled in February, America got a bit of a respite from his particular brand of insufferableness. But thanks to the magic of the internet and a woman named Monica Lewinsky, Piers is back, writing for the Daily Mail Online about the internet hate Monica has received, the internet hate… »10/21/14 11:45am10/21/14 11:45am

Cops Blame Porn (Not Bullying) for Bullied College Student's Suicide

On April 16th, 19-year-old University of Wisconsin-River Falls student Alyssa Funke committed suicide. In the weeks prior, she'd suffered an avalanche of threats and bullying from former high school classmates. But police are eager to blame pornography — and not online harassment — for her suicide. »5/21/14 6:00pm5/21/14 6:00pm

Bullied Teen Gives Tormentors Allegedly Semen-Laced Cupcakes

We all enjoy a story of an underdog overcoming some bullies, but a California teen has taken bully prank-revenge to the next level. The high school sophomore girl brought in seemingly innocuous cupcakes she baked herself and passed them out to her bullies. But her peers soon realized something was up because the… »5/04/14 1:45pm5/04/14 1:45pm