Popular Teens Are Victims of Bullying, Too

It seems like a stupid April Fool's headline, but a recent study has actually found that teens who are in with the in-crowd are "unnoticed victims of school-based aggression." As they work their way up high school's social ladder and increase their status, kids' chances of being bullied increases by more than 25… » 4/01/14 11:40am 4/01/14 11:40am

Boy's My Little Pony Lunchbox Is a 'Trigger for Bullying,' Says School

Grayson Bruce, a 9-year-old boy from North Carolina, says he was bullied by his classmates for bringing a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic lunchbox to school. Instead of doing the sensible thing — like, oh, I don't know, teaching elementary schoolers that it's never acceptable to harm and harass one's peers (or to… » 3/17/14 5:20pm 3/17/14 5:20pm

Prosecutor Might Investigate Facebook Staff in Suicide of Italian Teen

Those persistent Italian prosecutors are at it again, this time pursuing a possible case against Facebook employees for the death of 14-year-old Carolina Picchio, who committed suicide in January after a gaggle of teenage boys that included her ex-boyfriend circulated a video on Facebook of Picchio appearing drunk at… » 5/26/13 5:00pm 5/26/13 5:00pm

Woman Writes About Sexism in the Skeptic Community; Men Get Violently Upset About Their Own Feelings

Rebecca Watson's first-hand account of sexism in the skeptic community — and the 5,000+ comments it's inspired in the past 24 hours — illustrate that just because someone says they value "rational thought" doesn't mean they're not also a misogynist troll. But the controversy also highlights how hard it is for women… » 10/25/12 5:00pm 10/25/12 5:00pm

Sisters of Boy Mitt Romney Bullied Horrified by News of Cruel 'Pranks'

Following news that Mitt Romney's idea of boyish pranky hijinks actually involved hilariously pinning a gay kid to the ground and hilariously cutting his hair off while tears welled up in his eyes (hilariously!), the sisters of the bullied boy have reacted with shock and disbelief. And anger. They think the tale of… » 5/11/12 1:50pm 5/11/12 1:50pm

Christians Fight for Their Children's God-Given Right to Bully Gay Kids

Despite the fact that there's scant evidence in the Bible that Jesus was an asshole who commanded his followers to bully gay children to death, a group of American Christian parents seem to think Christ has called upon them to act like jerks. That's why they're actively working against the passage of anti-bullying… » 4/05/12 1:00pm 4/05/12 1:00pm

Susan G. Komen Foundation Bows to Anti-Choice Bullying; Stops Contributing to Planned Parenthood

Susan G. Komen For the Cure has announced that it will stop funneling money to Planned Parenthood, ending a years-long partnership between the two organizations that provided mammograms and related services to low income women. But what accounts for the Komen Foundation's sudden change of heart? Surprisingly, it seems… » 1/31/12 5:30pm 1/31/12 5:30pm

Hilarious Internet Collective Continues Tradition of Taunting Teen Who Hilariously Committed Suicide

Fifteen-year-old Amanda Cummings stepped in front of a bus two days after Christmas, suicide note in her pocket. Her family's understandably heartbroken by their loss, but they're even more heartbroken by the response Amanda's death has gotten on the internet. Online forum 4chan, notorious for targeting dead kids for… » 1/05/12 7:00pm 1/05/12 7:00pm

Students Who Bullied Gay Teen Before Suicide Get Off With A Suspension

Last month police in Amherst, New York concluded their investigation into the bullying Jamey Rodemeyer suffered before he committed suicide at age 14 in September. They decided not to file charges, but now Williamsville North High School has suspended an unknown number of students. Superintendent Scott Martzloff says… » 12/05/11 11:26pm 12/05/11 11:26pm

Why Teens Can't Stop Calling Each Other Sluts

In spite of efforts by big names like Lady Gaga and Dan Savage, teens continue to treat each other like shit. And so the great tradition carries on, as it did during my high school career and the high school careers of the women who came before me: bullies' preferred method of making girls feel bad about themselves… » 11/30/11 12:50pm 11/30/11 12:50pm