Meet the Man Who Loves the Feel of Bugs on His Dick

As of now, we don't know very much about Christopher, one of the many guests who'll appear on the new Showtime series Sex with Sunny Megatron. Here's what we do know: He's a formicophile. That means he loves to have bugs crawl over him, slithering on and around his nipples and genitals. » 12/02/14 8:15pm 12/02/14 8:15pm

Americans Still Think They're Too Goddamn Fancy To Eat Bugs

Out there in the world, people are still trying to make bug-eating happen. But, so far, Americans — a populace who greedily devour Doritos Locos Tacos and myriad other confectionery nightmares — are not having it. » 8/07/14 5:15pm 8/07/14 5:15pm

Many Bug Sprays Are Just Unregulated, Ineffective Garbage

Hooray, you guys! It's outdoor sunshine BBQ lake lounging tiki torch season! But you know what that means: It's also gross bugs eating you alive and feasting on your blood and giving you disfiguring welts and deadly diseases season. Bogus. » 5/27/14 4:20pm 5/27/14 4:20pm

Like Your Ex-BF, Plenty of Insects Are 'Accidentally' Having Gay Sex

Or, as many of us call it, sex. Hey, did you know that eighty-five percent of male insects engage in homosexual acts? About the same rate as my high school exes. Don't remind me. Ugh. » 10/24/13 10:00am 10/24/13 10:00am

Here's a Video of a Mosquito's Mouth-Parts Probing Your Tender Flesh

If you've always wondered exactly what it looks like, inside of your flesh, when a mosquito sticks its stabby, contaminated tube-mouth in there and sucks your blood, YOU'RE WELCOME. Here's a video of it. Video of the mosquito probing around for a blood vessel (inside "a flap of mouse skin") is above, and video of the… » 8/06/13 10:30pm 8/06/13 10:30pm

It's Time To Talk About Bug Infestations [TRIGGER WARNING]

Jolie Kerr is a cleaning expert and advice columnist. She'll be here every other week helping to answer your filthiest questions. Are you dirty? Email her. » 8/02/13 12:40pm 8/02/13 12:40pm

What's That Smell? Oh, It's Just the Stink of Rotting Cicada Corpses.

If you're a resident of the American Southeast and have been noticing an unsettling and sinister smell in the out of doors lately, do not panic — it's merely the stink of millions of decaying cicada bodies, tiny corpses that mere days ago were full of vim and vigor. » 6/11/13 4:20pm 6/11/13 4:20pm

You Eat Bugs Every Single Day So Quit Freaking Out About It

If you truly are what you eat, congratulations because you're now a bug! Even with pesticides and other poisons engineered for food, large traces of bug parts — like wings, thoraxes and heads — are getting into your food. In fact, it's likely that you eat up 1 and 2 pounds of bugs each year. At least that's the… » 6/06/13 11:10am 6/06/13 11:10am

Feeling Left Out of the Disgusting Cicada Plague? Check Out Cicada Cam!

I live in the Pacific Northwest, which means that the most interesting bug-themed event of my lifetime was side-eyeing a silverfish in my laundry room last week (slimer needed to cut the attitude tho srsly). We don't have anything big or venomous or swarmy at all ever, which makes the east coast's 17-summer cicada… » 5/28/13 3:00pm 5/28/13 3:00pm

How to Roll Out the Welcome Wagon for Your New Cicada Neighbors

As you probably know by now, the East Coast is on its way to being hit by a massive cicada invasion. They've already started crawling out out the earth in Staten Island and won't stop crawling out of the earth until the sky is darkened by billions (literally billions) of them. If you live in this part of the world,… » 5/26/13 12:00pm 5/26/13 12:00pm

Tales from the Crypt of Bed Bugs You Probably Have in Your Mattress

Remember the horrible bed bug invasion that was going to plunge New York into the Age of the Insect, when all Gothamites would have to feed their mattresses to the insatiable Bed Bug Queen living in the subway tunnels? It was going to be terrible, and then, magically, bed bugs vanished from the news...until now. » 5/24/13 11:15am 5/24/13 11:15am

‘Swarmageddon’ Terrifies People Who Hate Bugs, Obviously

People who fear bugs will be especially put upon during “Swarmageddon,” and you might never have figured this out if the cicada scribes at the Washington Post, a periodical chronicling the latest developments in entomology, hadn’t taken the time to explain that people who already hate bugs hate the idea of a lot of… » 5/19/13 2:00pm 5/19/13 2:00pm

U.N. Says We Should Stop Being Pansies and Eat More Bugs

On the eve of "Swarmageddon," the name given to a cicada awakening 17 years in the making, the United Nations has released a report that highly recommends eating insects as a part of a healthy and balanced diet. The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) states that many of the 1,900 species of insects that… » 5/13/13 5:00pm 5/13/13 5:00pm

Shoko Nakagawa Rocks a Hat Made of Bugs

Heads up, Tim Burton! Here's Shiyoko Nakagawa, a Japanese idol known for taking style to its limit, modeling a head full of the shed shells of cicada juveniles. All I have to say is: Good thing they're not live cicadas, because if those fools stay on a human too long they sometimes stick their (painful) proboscis… » 1/14/13 11:00pm 1/14/13 11:00pm

Your Christmas Tree Is Infested with Something Called 'Bark Lice'

In "throw your tree out the window and burn all your possessions" news, it turns out the beloved Christmas Pine doubles as a half-way house for mites, moths, spiders, and something disgustingly named "bark lice". Puke/Shudder. This is giving the Christmas tree rash a run for its disgusting money. » 12/24/12 1:40pm 12/24/12 1:40pm

We've Fucked Over the Environment So Now We Have to Eat Bugs and Play…

Are you happy now, humans? Are you happy? It's 2012 and the prognosis is not good. The glaciers are melting, the polar bears are drowning, the people of Vanuatu are floating around their living rooms in washtubs like Pippi Longstocking or some shit, and I never even got to look at a glacier or pet a polar bear OR hang… » 10/04/12 5:00pm 10/04/12 5:00pm

Bionic Hero-Cockroaches Might Become First Responders in Natural…

Researchers working on "the next big thing in disaster response" have figured out how to put a tiny backpack on a cockroach and then remote-control it through collapsed buildings to locate survivors. The roach can be equipped with a small video camera or a microphone, which can then transmit information to human… » 9/14/12 6:30pm 9/14/12 6:30pm