Tell Us About Your Worst Encounters with Insects

In today’s Pissing Contest, we’re talking about our worst encounters with bugs. (Thanks to reader Chad for the suggestion!) “But that’s a spider in the lede photo,” you’re probably saying. “Spiders aren’t insects!” CAN IT, you annoying nerd! We’re talking about horrifying experiences with creepy-crawlies and… »10/02/15 8:00pm10/02/15 8:00pm

'Two Girls, One Bug' Could Be The Grossest Game Show Stunt Ever

If you’ve ever wondered how close we are to The Hunger Games, Battle Royale or The Running Man (Arnold’s best role), this video of two women furiously trying to blow a monster bug into each other’s mouths should reassure you that we are on the precipice of giving up both life and limb for the chance to be on TV. (Also… »5/12/15 11:55pm5/12/15 11:55pm

Here's a Video of a Mosquito's Mouth-Parts Probing Your Tender Flesh

If you've always wondered exactly what it looks like, inside of your flesh, when a mosquito sticks its stabby, contaminated tube-mouth in there and sucks your blood, YOU'RE WELCOME. Here's a video of it. Video of the mosquito probing around for a blood vessel (inside "a flap of mouse skin") is above, and video of the… »8/06/13 10:30pm8/06/13 10:30pm

You Eat Bugs Every Single Day So Quit Freaking Out About It

If you truly are what you eat, congratulations because you're now a bug! Even with pesticides and other poisons engineered for food, large traces of bug parts — like wings, thoraxes and heads — are getting into your food. In fact, it's likely that you eat up 1 and 2 pounds of bugs each year. At least that's the… »6/06/13 11:10am6/06/13 11:10am

Feeling Left Out of the Disgusting Cicada Plague? Check Out Cicada Cam!

I live in the Pacific Northwest, which means that the most interesting bug-themed event of my lifetime was side-eyeing a silverfish in my laundry room last week (slimer needed to cut the attitude tho srsly). We don't have anything big or venomous or swarmy at all ever, which makes the east coast's 17-summer cicada… »5/28/13 3:00pm5/28/13 3:00pm

How to Roll Out the Welcome Wagon for Your New Cicada Neighbors

As you probably know by now, the East Coast is on its way to being hit by a massive cicada invasion. They've already started crawling out out the earth in Staten Island and won't stop crawling out of the earth until the sky is darkened by billions (literally billions) of them. If you live in this part of the world,… »5/26/13 12:00pm5/26/13 12:00pm

Tales from the Crypt of Bed Bugs You Probably Have in Your Mattress

Remember the horrible bed bug invasion that was going to plunge New York into the Age of the Insect, when all Gothamites would have to feed their mattresses to the insatiable Bed Bug Queen living in the subway tunnels? It was going to be terrible, and then, magically, bed bugs vanished from the news...until now. »5/24/13 11:15am5/24/13 11:15am

‘Swarmageddon’ Terrifies People Who Hate Bugs, Obviously

People who fear bugs will be especially put upon during “Swarmageddon,” and you might never have figured this out if the cicada scribes at the Washington Post, a periodical chronicling the latest developments in entomology, hadn’t taken the time to explain that people who already hate bugs hate the idea of a lot of… »5/19/13 2:00pm5/19/13 2:00pm