The Hollywood Sex Ring Lawsuits Might Be Slowly Unraveling

On Wednesday, Michael Egan dropped his lawsuit against TV executive Garth Ancier, one of several men named in the Bryan Singer Hollywood teen sex abuse lawsuit. And on Thursday, BuzzFeed released a story alleging that one of the men who helped bring Egan into a dark world of men who have sex with underage boys (and… »6/26/14 2:45pm6/26/14 2:45pm

Gary Goddard, Bryan Singer Named in Another Teen Sex Abuse Lawsuit

Barely weeks after Michael Egan came forward claiming he was sexually assaulted by director Bryan Singer as a teenager, another suit has surfaced with very similar allegations. The new suit is being filed by Egan's own attorney, Jeff Herman, on behalf of a British man who has remained anonymous and is referred to in… »5/04/14 6:11pm5/04/14 6:11pm

Inside the Hollywood Sex Ring Mansion From the Bryan Singer Lawsuit

The Encino mansion known as the M&C Estate—owned by a convicted sex offender named in the lawsuit against Bryan Singer—was home to the wild gay sex parties where Hollywood bigwigs allegedly preyed on underage boys. It was also used to film a 1998 pilot for Digital Entertainment Network described as a "gay pedophile… »4/25/14 5:10pm4/25/14 5:10pm

The two remaining Hollywood executives accused by Michael Egan of sexually abusing him when he was a

The two remaining Hollywood executives accused by Michael Egan of sexually abusing him when he was a teen have denied the allegations. Garth Ancier's lawyer says he has never been to the Hawaiian estate where these events apparently took place and while Gary Goddard is currently in China, his lawyer says the suit "is… »4/22/14 4:20pm4/22/14 4:20pm

Read the Full, Lurid Sex Assault Lawsuit Against Bryan Singer

It wasn't necessarily a secret in Hollywood that famed director Bryan Singer, who's openly gay, liked 'em young. In the 20 years he's been in show biz he's gained a reputation for being the biggest chicken hawk in the industry. But with the filing of a lawsuit this week that alleges he'd drugged and raped an underage… »4/18/14 11:00am4/18/14 11:00am