Conservative Wants to 'Blacklist' Women and Musicians of Color

I know what you're thinking: Conservatives listen to music!!??!!? Well, nah, not really. By all outward appearances, it seems that they mostly listen to artless garbage and patriotic pablum that reinforces their collective boner for dog-whistle racism and century-old social mores. (JK, Nuge! "Free for All" is a… »5/30/13 12:40pm5/30/13 12:40pm

In an Unexpected Move, Lady Gaga Celebrates Her Birthday by Sweatin' to the Oldies

Yesterday was Lady Gaga's 26th birthday. She celebrated by perspiring a lot with her closest friends. No, she didn't host a marathon dance party inside a space ship rocketing to Mars, filled with aliens, exotic animals, and men with extremely sculpted torsos. Instead she and her friends got wild and crazy by riding on… »3/29/12 8:00pm3/29/12 8:00pm