Boys With Sisters More Likely To Become Republicans Because Chores

In a weird twist that maybe only further study and/or a Family Ties reboot can answer, the Global Post reports that according to a study in the new Journal of Politics, boys with only female siblings are 9.3% more likely to grow up and become Republicans. They're also less likely to help with chores, and become… »6/29/13 5:00pm6/29/13 5:00pm

Your Little Brother Isn't Just a Maximum Dweebazoid—He Might Have Also Caused Your Depression

I didn't grow up with siblings anywhere near my age, so I have no idea what it feels like to have some dickhead who looks like you constantly slamming doors and touching your stuff. (Or, conversely, to be that dickhead. Or both. Whatever.) And I was always jealous of people who did—like, maybe if I'd grown up with… »12/21/12 9:50am12/21/12 9:50am

Frat Boys Walking in High Heels for Charity Is Quite a Sight to Behold

It's not often that you associate a pack of frat boys with a campaign to raise awareness about sexual abuse and violence against women, but sometimes life offers up a nice surprise. This group of fraternity brothers at Western Kentucky University got together to walk—or at least try to walk—a mile while wearing pairs… »3/22/12 11:15pm3/22/12 11:15pm

Top Model Alums Give Advice On Sex (Animal And Otherwise)

For this very special episode of Pot Psychology »9/26/08 7:00pm9/26/08 7:00pm, two former contestants join me and in helping to solve readers' problems with an herbal remedy. (What will Tyra think!?) Lauren and Amis (whose real name is Amy, but was changed because there was already an Amy in the cast) from Cycle 10 help us tackle topics like…