Williamsburg Apts Come With Built-In Slack Channel, as the 'Sharing Economy' Remains Lonely as Fuck

One of the most depressing things about the so-called sharing economy—the recession-induced workforce transition in which everyone hustles twice as hard to piece their shit together except for a relatively small group of selectively lazy and self-deluded individuals who rejoice in replacing all physical interactions…

Teens Charged in Brooklyn Rape Allege Father Was Having Sex With Daughter When They Arrived

The story of a horrific gang rape in a Brooklyn playground took a bizarre and troubling turn Tuesday. Police sources told three separate newspapers that two of the teens charged in the attack said the 18-year-old victim was having sex with her father in the park. The teens recounted arriving and asking for “some of…

Comedian Avenges Sidewalk Assault By Launching Social Media Campaign Against Popular Brooklyn Bar

On Halloween night, comedian Akilah Hughes was at a bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, when, she says, a man in an afro wig began to harass her and her friends. They left, and by the end of the encounter, she alleges she’d been punched in the face outside the Crown Victoria, a bar just a block away, as security guards…


How FKA twigs' Wild 'Congregata' Subverts the Conventional Pop Concert

In 2015, audiences have a fairly fixed idea of what constitutes a “pop” performance. In stadiums and arenas, we expect to be dazzled for the price of our often very expensive tickets, moved from our seats not just with excellent music but with magnificent light shows, elaborate choreography, otherworldly costuming.