Brody Dalle Is Pregnant

Today in Tweet Beat, Brody Dalle is expecting her second child with husband Josh Homme. Also, Cher, who is new to Twitter, is being confronted with "haters." » 1/26/11 7:30pm 1/26/11 7:30pm

Kathy Bates To Join Cast Of The Office

Today in Tweet Beat, Rainn Wilson is psyched to work with Kathy Bates, Mariah Carey doesn't care if her friends look good in pictures, and Kim Zolciak wants help picking her new vanity plate. » 1/12/10 7:00pm 1/12/10 7:00pm

Michael Lohan Claims He Doesn't Have A Twitter Account

Today in Tweet Beat, Michael Lohan says (via Kate Major) that this Twitter account is fake (but we're not really buying that), Martha Stewart keeps posting pictures of gross stuff, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck returns to Twitter from maternity leave. » 10/22/09 7:00pm 10/22/09 7:00pm

The Female Vote: It Was 89 Years Ago Today

Whatever the outcome of the 2008 election, we can all still honor the fact that we are allowed to vote in the first place! On June 4th, 1919, Congress approved the women's suffrage amendment, and sent it to the states for ratification. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony had been working explicitly since 1869… » 6/04/08 1:30pm 6/04/08 1:30pm