These Marriage Proposal Rejection Stories Are Just Awful

It's always interesting to see the common threads in response to the Pop The Question topics. This week, you shared your stories of saying no to a proposal of marriage; one scenario, in particular, surfaced over and over and over again: The old we were broken up, he swooped in with a ring to win me back chestnut. »2/19/15 4:50pm2/19/15 4:50pm

Harrison Ford Tells Hilarious Broccoli Joke, Disappointingly Does Not Announce Candidacy for President

Harrison Ford is a pretty all-around delightful human being, earring and all. After David Letterman "convinces" him to tell a funny produce joke, Ford obliges and reminds everyone why he was probably the second-best president of the 20th century, just behind Bill Pullman and slightly ahead of Morgan Freeman. »9/16/12 11:25pm9/16/12 11:25pm

It's Time to Stop Sneaking Vegetables Into Your Children's Desserts

You've probably heard of this whole cooking genre that's sprung up around parents sneaking vegetables into otherwise delicious sounding things like cakes and cookies. Well, a new study has looked into how accepting of these sneakily nutritious snacks kids were, and it's beginning to seem like going to the trouble of… »3/02/12 4:00pm3/02/12 4:00pm