If You Build It You Will Cum: Bang This Homemade Ass

Looking for a Wednesday craft to fill your time? Well, if the hump day blues have got you down, you can screw them away with this homemade ass/vag combo that is sure to please the handyperson in all of us. Remember, it's always better if you make it at home. The secret ingredient is love. (And lube.) (Lots and lots of… » 8/27/14 6:50pm 8/27/14 6:50pm

Just Because His Name Is Sexy Doesn't Mean He Is

I know what you'll say: Yes, there is such a thing as a sexy name. Names can be sexy, just as words can be sexy! But after many long, serious minutes of thinking, I have concluded that it is not so. People are sexy. The sexiness of a person's name is an afterthought, assigned in retrospect after seeing, hearing or… » 8/27/14 1:30pm 8/27/14 1:30pm

Infamously Deranged Sorority Girl Is Your New Dating Coach

Former sorority girl Rebecca Martinson (does "cunt punt" ring a bell?) has some blunt advice for those of you agonizing over texts, or a lack thereof: "NO SANE MAN GOES TO THE BAR TO NOT TRY TO STICK IT IN. HE IS NOT THERE TO GET TO KNOW YOU. HE IS NOT THERE TO HEAR YOU TALK ABOUT YOURSELF AND HOW MUCH YOU LOVE YOUR… » 7/03/13 4:00pm 7/03/13 4:00pm

New 'Pikinis' App Helps Creeps Find Your Bikini Pics With Ease

Just in time for summer: Pikinis is the iPhone app that "automatically finds swimsuit photos on Facebook." Users can "quickly find your friends' pikinis or meet new people by exploring pikinis in your network, city or campus!" r/CreepShots is sooo 2012. » 4/24/13 3:40pm 4/24/13 3:40pm