Hamilton's Renee Elizabeth Goldsberry Reps Great Women of History In BET Freestyle Cypher

If you had any questions about whether Broadway’s Hamilton is helping bring musical theater to hip-hop culture, look no further than Tuesday night’s BET Hip-Hop Awards, in which cast members became the first Broadway cast to cross over into the legendary Cypher. It was exciting, and best of all, Renée Elizabeth… »10/14/15 11:00am10/14/15 11:00am

Should You Listen to the Soundtrack to Hamilton If You Have Not Seen Hamilton?

The first musical soundtrack I ever heard was for A Chorus Line, at age seven or eight, long before I even knew what Broadway was, or meant. My mom had the original cast recording, from 1975, and apparently I spent enough time unsupervised to have nabbed it from her cassette collection, because that shit was dirty,… »9/21/15 4:25pm9/21/15 4:25pm

Sara Bareilles' Waitress Musical Starts Off Rocky But Ends Sweetly

A wavy pie crust outlining a polka-dot stage curtain greeted a full house on a recent Sunday afternoon at Cambridge, Massachusetts’ American Repertory Theatre. The seats were packed with locals and folks like myself who’d come from New York City to see Waitress: A New Musical, starring Tony Award winner Jessie Mueller… »8/26/15 4:44pm8/26/15 4:44pm

Vibrant Color, Icy Lace, and a Gaggle of Supermodels At the Tonys

The Tony Awards red carpet looked a leeeeetle different than it may have in recent years: it was filled to the brim with A-list models and fashion designers, so many their presence threatened to overshadow the theatre stars themselves. Why the sudden shift? Why, Anna Wintour, of course. »6/08/15 6:40pm6/08/15 6:40pm

Watch the Casts Of The Lion King and Aladdin Have An Airport Sing-Off

From the pre-packaged food options to the scarcity of available power outlets, there are plenty of terrible things about being stuck in an airport due to a delayed flight. And there’s nothing you can do about it but wait. Unless you’re the cast of a Broadway musical and happen to be sitting next to the cast of another… »6/05/15 9:50am6/05/15 9:50am

Talking With Phillipa Soo: Lead in Hamilton, Soon to Be Superstar

On paper, Hamilton is unlikely: a nearly three-hour-long musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton based on an 800-page historical biography and, for the most part, rapped the entire way through. But after runaway success at New York’s Public Theater and almost unanimous critical acclaim, it’s now headed to… »5/21/15 2:45pm5/21/15 2:45pm