Broad City Made Natalie Portman Feel Bad About Garden State

Garden State has long served as a watered-down gateway to alternative culture for young, emotional fuckboys to be. The soundtrack introduced countless suburbanites to synthesizers and vocal fry, and undoubtedly inspired teen bands across the Northeast to write songs about that one Quirky Girl in their class who no one… »9/11/15 1:30pm9/11/15 1:30pm

Chinese Government Sick Of Chinese Knockoffs

It’s about to be much harder for Chinese shoppers to buy counterfeit luxury goods—even those made in China, reports Slate. The business of importing knockoffs and selling them domestically—as well as the act of re-branding goods made in China as imports—has been “booming in a regulatory gray zone,” but will soon be… »5/04/15 7:40pm5/04/15 7:40pm

Broad City's Got the Best Response for Strangers Who Tell You to Smile

If there's one thing that's more annoying than others in public, it's people telling you to smile when they have absolutely no business even getting in your way, let alone talking to you. Broad City, the show that recognizes that this is a problem for women everywhere has provided a solution so simple it's surprising… »3/19/15 10:30pm3/19/15 10:30pm

Hey Rando: Abbi and Ilana Don't Want to Smoke Weed with You

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, the QUEENS of Broad City, are the cover story of this month's New York Magazine and in the interview (conducted by Jada Yuan) they talk about all sorts of interesting things—like pegging, TV nudity, Nicki Minaj and how they don't want to randomly smoke weed with you. »3/10/15 4:30pm3/10/15 4:30pm

Hannibal Buress is getting his own weekly half-hour show on Comedy Central and the title, Why, is ba

Hannibal Buress is getting his own weekly half-hour show on Comedy Central and the title, Why, is basically the same as my non-existent memoir. Deadline reports that "the comedian will provide his perspective on each week's zeitgeist-driven topic" on the show, which will also incorporate his stand-up and feature… »3/10/15 1:30pm3/10/15 1:30pm

Next Week's Too Real Broad City: Abbi & Ilana Go on an Internet Bender

You know that feeling, when you spend all day staring at a screen and forgetting to hydrate and your lips get chapped and your butt goes numb and then, finally, you slump out of the office, staring at your phone as you trip down the stairs in order to ensure that Twitter is fully refreshed for the 35 minutes you will… »2/12/15 4:20pm2/12/15 4:20pm

How to Not Give a Shit: Making Art While Female

"I feel very strongly about that: an alternative to the idea of women being a certain way." Janet Weiss, the drummer for Sleater-Kinney, was sitting on a leather green swivel chair three feet in front of me as she responded to a question from Broad City's Ilana Glazer about feminism. "The quiet, demure, soft-spoken… »1/21/15 2:27pm1/21/15 2:27pm